Sunday, July 20, 2008


We've been busy spending time together, which has been nice. The kids are really enjoying the pool and it's been real hot here ~ so we've in and out of the pool all day long! We've had playdates, and also just last minute friends over ~ all good stuff!

Mia caught a cold and cough (which Eddie had the week before) except with her cold she ran a slight fever. . . only in the evening. She is better now, however she still has a bit of a cough. Nothing stops my girl though ~ I can tell she's not used to be "pampered" while sick (like 2 certain boys I know :) ~ Mia goes about her business playing or watching B*rney as she coughs or her nose runs. She will even and go and get her own tissue, blow her nose and throw it away! When she is sick and I go into her room at night ~ sometimes I will sit in the rocking chair with her ~ it is so nice to rock and just stare at her (she's not in motion for once!) and stroke her hair. I found myself many times rocking long after she was comforted, but you know that feeling when you just do not want to leave!?

Our weekend was quiet and we spent time as a family - we walked down by a local marina and had burgers and shakes ~ fun! I haven't taken many pictures lately (maybe I'm coming down with something!?), just hangin' with my kids and enjoying who they are :)

Mia has been really into dress up lately!

Here she put a fairy outfit on over her pj's and a tiara,

I hope she always feels like a fairy princess :)

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Colleen said...

What a sweet picture of Mia the little fairy princess!
I can totally relate to the not taking many pictures lately. We have had kind of a low key summer. You put it perfectly.....just hangin with the kids and enjoying who they are! These really are the best times:)
I guess we'll have even more in common with us each having one start Kindergarten this year. Can I cry on your shoulder?!!sniff sniff