Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Uncle Roy and Anne came for a visit over the weekend to celebrate Ed and Anthony's birthdays. We always have a fun and exciting time when they come over. They got to see the kids swim and they showed off all of their new "tricks". It was another beautiful day out to sit by the pool and have a bbq ~
Penny LOVES when U.Roy comes to visit~
and it has nothing to do with the bones he brings :)
Eddie playing with his new R/C boat - what a gift...and it's not even his bday!!

The Uncle with Ant, Mia and Eddie
Thanks for a great visit guys - we love you!


barbara said...

What a nice visit you had :) Eddie really got lucky with that boat...that is the perfect gift for Eddie :)

Colleen said...

Your having such a great summer Joanne! Happy birthday to your boys!!! All of my kids have summer b days and I love it!