Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Eddie pretends these rocks are fish he caught ~
We've had some great beach days this summer ~ the kids love going to "Poppy &Gma's" beach; which is great, convient and relaxing!

Grandma and Mia

The water was so clear on this day - the kids just loved it! Somedays, I think after a rain the water can be "dirty" and have lots of seaweed floating around.

Eddie loves this new fish net
He didn't catch any real fish, but he had fun pretending~

"I caught some rocks!"

"swimming" back to shore!

I had to reel these cute little "fish" in over and over ~
they were SO funny, especially Eddie - he has the best fish impression EVER :)
While I caught pretend fish, Anthony tried to catch the real thing~
no luck, but he is obsessed with fishing this summer ~
he eats and breathes it!
I LOVE these photos of the boys~
They really love to play together and the age gap is closing -
it is so nice to see their friendship grow :)

Mia and Eddie spent a lot of time climbing this hill ~
boy, can they pretend! It's so funny to watch & listen to them playing!

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Barbara said...

That beach is a nice that it is so close by your Mom's house. Looks like Eddie invented some fun games for him and Mia to play, as he always does :) Great shots of the boys fishing!