Friday, August 06, 2010


Eddie somewhat enjoyed his week of baseball camp up at the HS - it was early! He had to be there by 8am and it wasn't easy getting him up and going. The coaches started off by showing them the rules of the game and played a game of kickball - look at my little kicker in motion!

Eddie was so happy his buddy, Ryan was at camp too!

Running down the hill to pass the time-

I love how Ant has his arm out protectively :)

This was the last wearing of this cute dress,

Mia was playing with some rocks and somehow ripped holes in it?!

While at Dicks Sporting Goods,
Mia and Eddie playing their favorite game "Mom & Dad" !
Anthony get a kick out of them yelling
"I'm the Mom" and "I'm the Dad" everytime!

P.S. of course we were here to get something related to FISHING!!!!

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Barb said...

So glad Eddie liked his camp so much! I love the way the kids made a game out of shopping...that is adorable!