Saturday, March 22, 2008


We had our egg coloring party the other night. The kids (and grown-ups) always look forward to this; with our families there is always lots of craziness and laughs! All lined up and ready to color our eggs

Mia bascially "collected" items in her frying pan

(she does have a pretty pink egg though!)

Waiting for the perfect color is the hardest part


Right after this picture was taken, 'someone'
knocked over some blue dye all over Maddy's pretty sweater!
You're a troooper "M" !

Let the egg hunt begin!
I let Aunt Debbie hide the eggs,
she did such a "good" job that
I am
still finding eggs to this day!!
"I found one!"

After coloring eggs and our egg hunt

we sang happy birthday to


and happy birthday to Alexa...

Maddy & Max decided they wanted in on the b-day song too, so....
"happy birthday to you guys too!"

We are all ready for the big bunny to hop on over to our house!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter day!


Aunt Debbie said...

It was so much fun having our Annual Easter "Eggtravaganza"!
What a fun night with the kids coloring their eggs and then doing the their egg hunt.
It's so nice to feel like a kid all over again!

Happy Easter!!!

Anonymous said...

What a nice night and great shots! I was very sorry I missed it this year. It looks like a fun time was had by all as usual.

Aunt Michie :)

Barbara & her crazy family said...

Thank you for having us and for keeping my mind means more than you know! We all had a great time as always and look forward to it every year. Can't wait to see your Easter post...I am imagining Mia in her purple flowered Easter dress :)Thanks so much for the Birthday Celebrations!