Wednesday, March 19, 2008


"You want me to sit where?"

Waiting on line to see the Easter Bunny!

Mia cautiously waves hello to the big bunny

They walk circles around him...

No one wants to get too close ...
The "thrill" of the Easter Bunny!

We hopped on over to the mall to see the Easter Bunny

Do you notice "someone" is missing?

My big boy opted to stay out of this years picture,

he said he knows the bunny in the mall isn't the real Easter Bunny. ..

"sigh", I guess that's conversation for another post.

After lunch the doorbell rang, it was our sweet mailman with a package from China!


He was laughing at how much the postage was, but after I explained how cheap the squeaky shoes are and how many I bought; he smiled and walked back to his truck...

"I'm in heaven, I'm in heaven. . ."

You all know how much my Mia loves shoes!

Penny was shocked at the sqeaking and thought they were dog toys!

Mia got such a kick out of Penny's enthusiasm that she ran all over!

"Come on Penny!"

"Thank you, Mommy"

Anthony's first band recital was tonight and I was beyond excited! The kids were told to dress as if they were going to " a fancy restaurant" and my boy looked SO handsome!!

He was a bit nervous

All the kids had a "solo" which they played with another person(s)

"A" was afraid his partner wouldn't show up and he'd be alone

This didn't happen though. . .

"A" and his partner were wonderful!

I was beaming with pride (still am!)

Auntie Michelle was there to cheer on Meggie's brother, Devin.

Mia is asking, "where's Meggie???"

This last photo was taken by my mother, the professional photographer.

If anyone is interested, her fees are extremely reasonable.


Red Thread to my Daughter said...

Mia's first easter bunny. She did so well. She really is in heaven with those shoes. Congrats to A for his solo...and don't make fun of your mom, I think we went to the same photo school... LOL

Barbara said...

Looks like you had a fun-filled, action-packed all the pictures :) Mia & Eddie were hilarious with the Easter Bunny, Mia is a riot with her shoes (noone can say she is not a girly girl!) and Anthony looked SOOOOO HANDSOME!

Sophie's Mom said...

OMG love all the squeaky shoes! I brought many pairs home from China, in all sizes. Then when she outgrew her last pair, I bought a bigger size just like them on Ebay! :)

Now she's 3... she's too old... but I miss them! They were so happy when we went shopping, so she could walk around and have a little freedom.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo-

These pics really show that spring and Easter are in the air! I just love the pic of M waving to the bunny...too cute for words really. She is getting prettier evey day. She is such a girl, loving her shoes! E looks adorable in the close up!

Congratulations to A on his solo performance in the band recital. You should be proud, he's talented and handsome!

I love your comment on the last family shot. I think it's a good one. As B knows, our mom is a "professional" photographer too, but in your shot you can see

Love, Aunt Michie :)

Dawn said...

Wow Mia did great with the Easter one hear wants to go see him this year :( Your big boy looks so handsome dressed for his recital...and SHOES...a box of shoes would make my day anyday!!