Tuesday, March 18, 2008


This could be dangerous. . . I think I figured out out to upload video!
My first attempt is a short video of my little miss eating her after nap snack ~ please excuse the lack of a bow in her hair :)

Heeee, heee she just cracks me up! We are getting ready for Anthonys first band recital tonight. I wish I could describe in words how excited I am to see my boy up on stage! This is his first year playing the trumpet, an instrument I hold dear to my heart; as I used to play it also! Of course, there will be pictures ~ we had a fun filled day and I documented it all ~ is this a sickness?


Barbara said...

Thank you for sharing ...this is so cute/funny...have a great time tonight...I know you will! Love to Anthony!

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

What a great video. Since I don't get to see Miss Mia all that much due to everyone's schedule I truly enjoyed this!!! Her hair is growing soososososo long... keep them coming.


Debbie said...

Oh Jo- I am so proud of you!!
This is so exciting to see the kids
in action as they happen!!
I love this so much!
What a wonderful way to capture their lives!
Good work my friend mastering this!!!

sandy said...

Great job with the video. My daughter (age 6) loved the crunching noises. So cute!!!

Shandra said...

Adorable. Mia and Lilah seem to have the same hobby...eating.

Melissa said...

How cute! I just figured out how to post ONE picture. It'll be a while before I'll be able to post video!!!