Thursday, March 27, 2008


We have had some Spring-like weather and the kids want to be outside ALL the time. It's so nice to see all the neighborhood kids outside playing and running around. It's even nicer to have Mia home with us to enjoy this great time of year! She just loves to be outside, like her brothers ~ I always joke that for a girl who comes from southern China - a very tropical, steamy kind of area; she doesn't seem to mind cold or wind or chill! Running for joy!

"what-cha lookin' at?"

Big mamma!

"E" found a patch of dirt in the middle of the lawn.

He added water and made the leaves into "boats"

in his little "pond" ~ I never get bored watching him!

As soon as big brother went to get a drink,

Mia snuck on over to check out the scene

(as she munches on her "un-ice cream cone" ~ just a cone)

Fresh air!!!!

On this day it wasn't as warm, but Eddie found the crocus' had bloomed and was very excited. He got his little watering can out and some gardening tools and he was good to go.

Uh oh, she found the chalk!

Anthony and his buddies gravitated towards the hop scotch "board" I made on the driveway. I had to take pictures for future "black mailing" :)

"This is how it's done boys!"


Barbara said...

Mia fits right in at your house...wanting to be outside ALL the time! Have a wonderful spring with your COMPLETE family :) Love, Barb

amy said...

seriously great photos what a cutie!

Anonymous said...

I love to see Mia right in there with the boys. She is such a cutie. Eddie is a boy of my own heart with his little gardening tools.


Debbie said...

Mimi looks fabulous in her ladybug sunglasses.. so fitting for this wonderful Spring Day! And it's so nice to see the boys outside -they are always up to something fun!! Aahh to be a kid again...

Anonymous said...

These pics really show spring in the air! I love to see them all happy and enjoying the day outside. Too cute, great shots!

Love,Aunt Michie :)