Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I wanted to tell you a bit about your godparents. They are very special people, of course, or we would not have chosen them for this special role. I met your godmommy in junior high school in an art class. Your mommy, clumsy as she still is, tripped into art class on the first day; and I looked up and who was laughing at me, but your Aunt Debbie ~ we became instant friends; and 20+ years later. . . here we are!

I finally got around to posting pictures of Mia opening her gifts with her godmommy (godfather was working that day!). Mia received a gorgeous "princess" braclet from her godparents (among a ton of other gifts) ~ she wore it the day of her party ~ oh, is it sweet! It has a tiara and a princess coach dangling from it! Fit for a true China Princess!

Mia you are blessed to have Aunt Debbie & Uncle Glen as your godparents. I just love the pictures above, you can see the love in Aunt Debbie's eyes!


Anonymous said...

Aunt Debbie is the best ...I must agree!!! Barb

Anonymous said...

These pictures are very touching. Aunt Debbie is very special to all of us...M is lucky to have such great godparents!

With much love, Aunt Michie..:)

Dawn said...

These pictures are so sweet. Mia is a lucky little girl.

Aunt Debbie said...

Oh Jo-
Thank you so much for that beautiful sentiment and our friendship story. I will always remember that moment (as if it was yesterday, can't believe it's over 20+ years!)- that funny day we were met in Art Class.. I knew too from our silliness that we'd be life-long best friends!
I am so glad that we have had each other to enjoy the ride all of these years! I love you, my friend!

Most importantly, I am so honored and touched to be a special part of Mia's life and my only promise is a lifetime of love, support and I will be there as she grows into her life experiences.
She will always, always have a special place in my heart! And she will always be a Princess to me...
I love you baby girl!