Thursday, February 21, 2008


We're having some nice and slow days off from school around here. I'm enjoying having my boys around all day (most of the time) ~ being lazy and doing what we want to do. "E" has gotten into coloring and drawing lately ~ this is new for him! "A" has always enjoyed coloring with mommy (one of my favorite things!) and with him in school all day, doing homework and out with friends...well, I've almost lost my art-buddy! So, it's so nice that my little guy is sharing this interest with me.

Playing around with my new camera ~ ohhhhhhhhhh, look at these faces!! They are so different inside and out... yet similar ~ if that makes sense! (Sorry no pictures of Mia, she was running around too much to catch a nice close-up!)

The picture below is Mia with her cousins and brothers.
Does anyone else have trouble taking group shots???!!
It's funny, when I look at this photo of Mia with the boys ~ I also have brothers and only male first cousins. Mia does, however, have 4 girl cousins!! She has met two of them, but she has yet to meet the other two ~ Mia has the best of both worlds: rough and tough boy play, but then she will also have girly stuff to look forward too!
Hope everyone is having a nice winter recess ~ looking forward to spring!!


Aunt Debbie said...

Jo- Loving the close-up pictures of my nephews, those are so amazing! They are both so handsome and their sweetness shows! :)
Love you A & E!

And, Miss Mia is so blessed to have two wonderful big brothers and so, so many cousins!
What a beautiful family!

Colleen said...

Glad everyone is enjoying their break! It's always nice to just chill! We don't have our next break now until spring...which is right around the corner! Your boys are adorable!

Shandra said...

Sweet pictures. What kind of camera did you get. I think I am moving up to an SLR but still undecided which one.

Anonymous said...

I just adore these close up shots. I always love close ups. The boys look so handsome wow!! I have some cute nephews!! I hope everyone is enjoying the week off. I love the family shot too!

Love Aunt Michie :)

Anonymous said...

I love the new picutes taken with your new camera. The boys look great in their close-ups! Hope you are enjoying this time off...I love when the kids are home and there is less running around. Glad to hear E had become an artist. How can you be Joanne's son and now draw :) Love, Barb