Thursday, February 28, 2008


Ooooo, this little girl! I could eat her cuteness up ~

you can't really tell from the picture, but she had 2 low ponytails,

and it took all my control not to gobble her up!

Mia had her 2 year check-up + catch up vaccines the other day. My poor girl must have had some back experiences in the past because she shakes and cries and screams the ENTIRE time we are at the doctor. The minute we leave, she's her old self again!

She is finally on the charts, in the 25 percentile (21lbs, 10 oz)! She is finally over 20 lbs ~ hooray! As our ped. mentioned, "she was scrawny when she first came home", and "it is amazing what some good nutrition will do". After Mia was weighed in and we went back to the room, she was grabbing her clothes on the exam table and trying to get them on. All the while she was pitifully saying, "bye-bye" and waving frantically. My heart was aching for her ~ she was SO scared. I wanted to yell - "just give her the shots already!!!" when they wanted her to do an eye exam!? She was inconsolable, needless to say, the vision test was postponed!!

The little miss wasn't the only one crying. . . when the doctor reviewed her immunization schedule he recommended doing the MMR that day with the chicken pox vaccine ~ I've been so nervous about this with all the autism scares. We talked it over and after balling MY eyes out (I apologized over and over, but I found it very emotional. I went through so much to get Mia - I'm just so afraid for anything to happen to her) I trusted our pediatrician.

So glad that visit is behind us ~ we go back in another month for two more "zaps", then the follow month for one "zap" and Mia is caught up on all vaccines!

On to some more cuteness. Mia got a pair of big girl pj's for her birthday and she looked oh so scrumptious in them:

And, one of our Penny-girl just because she is a beautiful dog inside in out. I love our puppy-girl so, so much. She is so patient with the kids (especially Mia!) and all she wants and gives is

L O V E !


Anonymous said...

Love those pj's! (HA HA)

Old Pelican said...

Love the pigtails!
Thanks for your sympathy and prayers.
Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

So sorry that the doctor's apt. scares miss mia. I'm glad you both recovered. Mia looks so cute in her princess jammies....
Let me guess....Jenn bought them ( I can tell from her post). Good taste Jenn!

Debbie said...

Mia looks adorable with her "low" ponytails!!
The pic of the 3 kids... so cute!
And those Princess PJ's..
Where can I get a pair!!

Debbie (& Dog Mom too!) said...

OMG- I almost forgot about the
my other "neice" Penny!
You are so right.. she is so beautiful and that button nose..
I can't stand it...such a proud girl.
Her eyes are so filled with joy and happiness in this picture :)
Unconditional love is the best!

PS- Rudy and Lady say "Hi" to their cousin too

Vicky said...

Poor Mia at the Dr.'s. We were at the Dr. today as well and Emily is the same way. I thought it would get better as she has gotten older, but quite the opposit. LOVE her pierced ears !!!

Anonymous said...

Jo - I can't believe how big she has gotten - Yes its me - all the way from NC - and the boys - A is a handsome young man and Mr. E is getting bigger with every pic. Love to all.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures Jo...your children are georgous!!! Love, Barb

Jewels of My Heart said...

She is so beautiful...
I understand about the vaccines... I know the odds of getting the disease or whatever is much, much higher.... but I still get so scared each time my kids get a shot. It's very against a Mom's nature to do something that might harm your child even if it is to protect them. I'm glad it is over for you both too....

Anonymous said...

Jo -

I just love the low ponytails, and the PJs, wow! She is too cute and cuddly! All of these pics came out great! I'm so glad that this doctor's appt. is behind you now, and you can now be relieved!

Aunt Michie :)