Thursday, February 14, 2008


Oh boy, do I have a ton of pictures from Miss Mia's celebrations ~ since my blog is giving me "slide-show" problems...I will post a few pictures ~ you'll get the idea :)

Right after the christening, we headed over to Mia's birthday celebration at a local hall. I brought Mia into the restroom and changed her into her party dress ~ I have been so excited to put her in this dress ~ oh, what a dress it is!

"Hi, let's go to my party!"

"Mommy and daddy caught me for one picture!"

"Mommy and her old-friends (I couldn't even look!)"

"Mommy and her new-friends!"

"Taylor and Meggie loved looking out the window with me"

"Ooooo, look at the water!"

"The only time I sat the entire day!"

"Eddie loves his cousin, Joey"

Annie eats with Uncle Frank & Aunt Mary!

"Can I open them now?"


Taking a little snooze

The magician entertained everyone!

Even the little ones!

Anthony wanted to get "sawed" in half ~ he's so brave! Meggie tries to wake Mia
"Mia it's time for cake, wake up!"
"Happy Birthday dear Mia!"

"Taste it daddy!"


"My wonderful brothers!"

The only time I could get a picture of all three kids...eating their cake!

"Thank you for coming to my party!"


Shandra said...

Oh My! What a party! She looks adorable. I love the dress.

Colleen said...

Wow! What an amazing party for an amazing little girl!