Tuesday, September 25, 2007


This weekend we had a few visitors...um, rather Mia had some visitors :)

Meaghan Grace, her brother, Mikey and mom and dad stopped by in the morning:

Mia and her girlfriend, Meaghan Grace ...

The girls shared Cheerios

Very hard to get a picture - they're always on the go!

Then in the afternoon Mia's Aunts stopped by for a visit with the princess. Thank you Aunts for giving Mia her space. I know it was hard not to pick her up, but thank you for giving her this time she needs to adjust.

Aunt Michie admires Mia (eating Cheerios, of course)

Aunt Debbie poses with Mia (yup, those are Cheerios!)

Mommy gives some love to her girl :)

Oh, how I adore you Mia!!


Barbara said...

Hi Jo,

These are some great pictures. I love them all. I feel like kk l live so far away and this is the clostest I get to her ...I can't wait for that to change for both of us! It looks like you had such a great day. Mia is just precious...unbelievable! Lots of Love...

barbara said...

Max was talking through my entire entry...which explains all the errors lol! He keeps saying he wants to see Jo-Jo's face over and over lol!

Aunt Debbie said...

What a wonderful surprise to see these pictures! Yes, it was so,so hard to restrain myself from not scooping her up and holding her close... but I will make up for that time lost... don't you worry Mommy!! (lol)
We Aunts have our way....(hee-hee)

Mia's hugs and kisses will just have to keep me going for now...


cousin laura from nj! said...

Love the photo of you kising Mia, Jo! Meaghan and Mia are forever friends~and so adorable!

Anonymous said...

These photos were so great, thanks Jo! I especially liked the ones of you and Mia. It was so nice to see Mia in person, and yes, it wasn't easy to not pick her up.lol.. She is truly an angel. It was nice to see you, Ed and the boys as well! I hope for a speedy recovery for Ant!

Love, Aunt Michie :)