Monday, September 24, 2007


It has been 3 weeks since Mia Hope Yudan was handed to me. I remember on the bus ride over to the civil affairs office how my heart was beating so hard in my almost hurt. I was so very nervous and so were the other 2 moms-to-be...I just wanted to get to that room and get our girl!

The pictures below are from our "China-buddies", Michelle & David (Lia's parents); David took so many incredible pictures and was nice enough to send them to us! THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS!!!

I am on the left, Michelle on the right. We are peeking
down the hall because I heard babies!!!

We are back at the door again, I was a trouble-
maker and could not keep myself inside the room!

Here she comes! I just had my eyes on her the
entire time they walked towards me!

What a moment - I carefully grab for her -wow!

Finally holding my daughter, my daughter!!!

Mia was upset at hearing another babies cries, I remember
her bottom lip pouting like she was about to cry. I took out
stacking cups and Cheerios from my "magic bag" of tricks :)
(She loves this bag I brought with me to China and whenever
she sees it in the kitchen she grabs for it and goes through it -
too funny!)

This woman who brought Mia in to me turned out
to be the Asst. Director of her SWI. She came over
to say good-bye and was playing with her for the
loooooooongest time. It was sweet at first,but then
I just wanted to have Mia to myself and start out
bonding. I was watching, gwacking and waiting to
get Mia back, but I didn't want to be disrespectful...

She's in my arms again :) This was taken downstairs
in the lobby of the civil affairs office - Mia has a family!



We love you honey - have a great day!!!


Debbie said...

Tell your wonderful friends Michelle and David- THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
As I wipe the streaming tears from my eyes.. I felt like I was standing right next to you in that moment they handed you Mia for the very first time! It gave me the chills!

Thank you Michelle and David for capturing that most precious moment! It not only has changed Jo and Ed lives but all of us who have waited and waited for this day to finally come- Family and Friends!! What a wonderful keepsake memory that has forever been preserved on Mia's blog!
Much love to you and your angel!

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Joey!
Hugs and Kisses!!

cousin laura from nj! said...

How cool are these photos?! The very moment you received your daughter, Mia! Treasure them with love.

Barbara said...

What wonderful photos Jo...WOW is all I can say. I can not wait to see the video. If this brought tears to my eyes...I can only imagine the video :)