Sunday, September 30, 2007


Mommy & I took a trial class today at Meaghan and Taylors dance class ~ you think mom's trying to make me a girly girl??
I started off the morning with a wholesome breakfast: Cheerios of course - the obsession continues!

"Cheerios just make me...well, HAPPY!"

"Dance class was fun, I liked the mirrors; but
everyone took their shoes off! How dare they!"

"I think I could be a dancer"

"The scarves where...interesting"

"I think I need a ballet outfit and the shoes, of course!"
(Mia, Meaghan, "cute girl" and Taylor strut their stuff)

"I loved shaking the pom poms"

"That's Meaghan, me and Tayor with our pom poms"

"That's Meaghan and her mommy"
"Meaghan & Taylor under the parachute!"
What a fun way to start off a Saturday morning ~ thanks girls for letting mommy and me join in on the fun. We will definetly see you next week!


Debbie said...

How cute are the girls at their dance class!
Just adorable!

Anonymous said...

so glad you decided to go... How cute the three ballerinas look..

cousin laura from nj! said...

the best part of having a daughter...tutus! i treasure the photos of my now 9 year old, Kali, at this age in her beloved pink tutu! enjoy your little ballerinas!!

Michelle said...

You MUST send the pictures to the folks at Cheerios!! So glad you joined us. Looking forward to next week when Mia will debut in her ballerina outfit!
Lots of love!

Anonymous said...

If Cheerios sees that photo, Mia may be making her debut as a model! That face could convince any kid that it's good stuff.
Glad she had fun with her friends at dance class - can't wait to see her in a tutu! Leandra is excited about this, since she LOVES her own ballet class and thinks it's something every little girl should be doing :-)
love, Miriam

Barbara said...

The pictures are great...she is too cute. All the girls look adorable in their tutus ...can't wait to see Mia in her proper attire :) What a nice way to start the weekend!

Lori said...

Oh how fun, she's so adorable!!