Tuesday, August 15, 2006


We had our fingerprint appointment first thing this morning. We were all up early, ate and on the road to Hempstead. It basically went like this:

More traffic
More, you guessed it, traffic!
Got slightly lost (awful directions from Mapquest.com!)
Finally get there & circle for 20 minutes looking for parking...
Find a spot and start walking, more rain!
Then, we get to the office and their is a loooooong line - we wait and wait
Play hangman with Anthony
Play stickers with Eddie
Wait some more

Well, I'm finally called up and all ready to be fingerprinted and I'm told I really "don't have fingerprints", they're worn down - WHAT? I'm told it happens to alot of women, it happens from cleaning, cooking, etc. He said I may be called back to have them done again, but not to panic. They may just accept them the way they are...

I can't imagine having to go back ~ it will delay the adoption ~ and I don't think I can find the office on my own!
Positive thinking!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jo, Ony you my friend :) Hopefully they won't need them again. You poor thing! Barb

Anonymous said...

I'm keeping my {probably printless} fingers crossed for you!