Monday, September 04, 2006


Turned out to be a pretty nice weekend ~ there was a lot of baseball being played at our house!

Handed over my I-171H to my brother - he'll bring it to be Country Certified for me - what a brother!

Wednesday it will be handed to the hubby to be brought in to be State Certified and hopefully to the Chinese Consulate!? Not sure if it can all be done in one day...

If my agency receives my dossier by 10 am on Wednesday, then it will be sent to China by that Friday! It will never make it by this week....but, by next week!! ??


Anonymous said...

Hi, You are getting there girl...before you know it the paperwork will be in China :) It is so exciting! The boys look so cute playing baseball! LOL Barb

Anonymous said...

hey, nini your blog looks great!!!!!! wow you must be soo excited to be almost done with your paper work...

love ya

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,

LOVE the new music. Just perfect!
Love, Barb