Thursday, September 28, 2006

Breaking My Heart...

My little guy is having such a hard time going to Preschool and saying good-bye. He was trying to smile in this picture before school...we even tried bringing his bear, Buddy today. Nothing seems to make it easier for him ~ mommy is so sad this morning; but hopefully when I call they will tell me he is having a good time!?
I often wonder if Mia will have an easier time going off to school than her brothers, but will I have a harder time...hmmmm, that is the question.

*Still no word about our LID. I'm just hoping that it is a September 2006 LID and not an October LID...hopefully we'll know sooner rather than later!

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Anonymous said...

My poor Eddie...I can't wait until he gets used to school & he is smiling all the time. XOXO Barb