Friday, September 08, 2006


Eddie seemed real happy to see his preschool today. He has wonderful teachers - sweet & caring; and the classroom is full of great toys, play-doh, paint and the cutest pint sized bathroom (let's just hope he uses it instead of his pants!).

The real test is next Thursday when I do the old "drop off" - for now, we have one more day of "mommy & me" on Tuesday and then after that it's solo! Exciting, but scarey...for mommy!

*Paperwork is still at the Chinese Consulate and we'll get it Monday - hubby has the day off, so he'll go into the city, grab the papers and run home so we can make copies and run to Fedex! So exciting - looks like we'll be DTC (date to China) next Friday ~ a week from today!! Happy dance again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Proud Aunt Barbara can't believe how cute Eddie looks in school!!! My fingers are crossed for Thursday and the drop off!!! I can not believe you will have your date next Friday...that is so exciting!!! Love, Barb