Tuesday, September 19, 2006


My adoption agency notified me that my "official DTC date (dossier to China) is Sept. 15th"!
Now it will go to the CCAA(China Center of Adoption Affairs) where it will first be registered, then it will go to translation, then reviewed, matching room and ultimately our referral!!
They basically go by our LID (log in date); which I am assuming we will get after we are registered ~ come on now CCAA, let's register that dossier!
My agency also said I am officially in the "waiting phase. They said, "this is usually the hardest part" and "it is a good time to decorate the nursery so that you'll have something to keep you busy". What about...


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,

Now it is getting really exciting!
I am so happy that we can start shopping now :) This is the hard part with the waiting, but we can make it fun. XOXO Barb

Anonymous said...

Yeaahh--Congrats on getting through the paperchase! It's great that it's done. It's a big milestone, although I know how hard the waiting will be at times. Just know that Mia will come when the time is right, and things will be just as they should be. And we'll be so thrilled for you...we already are!
Love, Miriam
PS: I love her name painting!

Anonymous said...

Before you know it - Princess Mia will be HERE!!! And time will FLY by!!!
So when do we leave for the decorating shopping trip????
I'm ready now...