Saturday, October 21, 2006


Future mom's to Mia, "Paige", and Meaghan!

Families with Children from China has a L.I. division and we went to our first meeting together. There were a TON of mom's, some waiting for their babies and some who just came home from China. It was very intereting to hear different views, opinions and experiences. We all had a potluck dinner and dessert (yummy) and then introduced ourselves and discussed a few topics. Two women started their own business, which should be up and running soon ( They make China-related quilts, fleece blankets, red thread braclets, aprons from mommy and child, etc. ~ I look forward to checking out their website!

What a fun night spent with others who have so much in common; and who really understand the waiting, wondering and excitment that goes along with adopting from China.

However, what really touches me is how 3 baby girls from China, whom we don't even know yet, formed 3 bonds that their mommies will forever be greatful for...thanks girls!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful that Mia will arrive to find a great network of support intact, for herself and her mommy and family. What an amazing gift you are creating for her during this (challenging!)time of waiting. It's all happening just as it is meant to. :-)
Love, Miriam

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo,
It sounds like you had such a nice night out. It is so wonderful that you have found each other and that the girls will be so close to their China sisters. Some things are meant to be! Love, Barb

amy said...

What a great journal entry! We just started paperchasing and just browsing other adopting blogs!!!
Have a blessed day..This blog is a real encouragement

Anonymous said...

This can't be anymore meant to be!
Everything is lining up for Mia to finally get here!
We are both excited for you, Ed and the "Big" Brothers- Anthony and Eddie!
And "Dog-sister" Penny too!

Love, Debbie and Glen