Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I just received this very special book in the mail from my adoption agency (GWCA):
The proceeds go to charity (China Center of Adoption Affairs) and will "ensure that the lives of those left behind in the orphanages will be impacted".
This book has 41 stories (both in English & Chinese!) about respecting elders and relatives; which has been a very important aspect of the Chinese culture for thousands of years.
I am so glad that Mia will have this piece of her heritage. I have been daydreaming about reading these stories to Mia and the questions she will have about her ancestors. I hope I give the correct answers and that I am able to pass on these traditions from her homeland adequately...

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Debbie said...

What a wonderful piece of Mia's ancestory and culture she will treasure her whole life! Also, it's re-assuring to know that the proceeds from this book are sent back to the orphaned children that are still over in China.
Love, Debbie