Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Wow, once again I find myself saying "thank you". We have been so blessed with wonderful family and friends, who have been extremely supportive and involved in our adoption. They continually shower Mia with thoughtful gifts!

What a special and beautiful dress ~
just love the rose headband!
Thank you Trish & Hailey!

Thank you Mary, Frank & family for the meaningful plaque ~ we will treasure it!
Thank you Barb,Tom & family for the doorknob sign and gorgeous ornament ~ all fit for a princess!
Thank you, Deb & Glen for the beautiful tea set and gingham letters for Mia's wall ~ahhh, pink gingham!
Thank you, Mich for the ladybug bottle of wine (awesome find!) and for the jewerly/music box; which I cannot wait to see Mia use!

Thank you, Michelle for my red thread braclet ~ I will treasure it always (so glad I could finally upload this picture...from your "blog-thank you"!).


Debbie said...

Miss Mia really is a PRINCESS!! WOW!
All those gifts and she is not even here yet!
It shows how excited we all are awaiting her arrival... and how happy we will all be when she finally does come home!
Hugs and Kisses,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo, You are so was so much fun to shop for you and Mia. It is so exciting to prepare and wait for her. Love, Barb