Friday, January 12, 2007

A Year Ago Today ~ January 12, 2006

Unborn Baby

I knew your spirit,
when she came to me,
Unborn baby.

Knew the color of your hair ~
and your eyes,
Knew your traits, your personality,
There was no disguise.

But I had a lesson, I needed to grow,
Although it caused my tears to flow,
God decided to take you home ~
His gain,
My pain,
I would never feel the same.

I still miss you everday,
Still cry sometimes ~
But it is the only way,
I needed to heal and be strong,
I know God's will can't be wrong.

I know you'll never be alone,
Surrounded by angels in your spiritual home,
We'll be together again someday,
In heavens garden for eternity and a day.

~ Written by Sharon Platts


Trish said...

What a beautiful poem Joanne... Looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow. Trish

Anonymous said...

So beautiful, so true...the poem says it all. It reminds me of a caterpillar (the baby), that had to go into God's cocoon, so that a beautiful butterfly may metapmorphis into your lives and Mia's - your new family. Nothing can stop what is meant to be!