Saturday, March 10, 2007

Angel Boy ~

March 10,2005: I will never forget you.

So many months I carried you
and couldn't wait to see
What a wonderful little person you would turn out to be.

I had many dreams of how it would be just to watch you grow,
But now those dreams are faded because I shall never know.

For God in His great wisdom, looked down from his throne above,
and saw how beautiful you were, so carried you away with His love.

Now the rocking chair sits silent, and the lullabies won't be voiced.
But in Heaven there's celebrations, as all the Angels rejoice.

My tears they won't be quiet, they flow like a river roars.
And I know life is changed forever, to be the same no more.

I must be a special mother, because I have been set apart.

Some mothers carry their children in their arms,

But I carry you in my heart.

By Beverly Tinney

*To my blogging friends: So sorry to have such a sad post today; however, I must honor my angel boy. We never did meet him, but we will never forget him ~


Tamara said...

The poem is so meaningful. I can understand your pain and loss. I lost 2 girls before they were born too. It's hard to understand, and we NEVER forget.

Anonymous said...

What a meaningful poem. Your loss should be honored and acknowledged here - it is part of your history, part of your story, part of you...and ultimately part of Mia's story, too. And it touches all who love you - Miriam