Friday, April 06, 2007


What a fun morning! We have a busy couple of days ahead: tonight we decorate eggs at Aunt Barb's house, tomorrow we celebrate "Easter" at Aunt Mary & Uncle Frank's house, and then on Easter Sunday we celebrate again at our house!

Anthony helped to make the "PEEPS Party Dippers" ~ we just melted chocolate chips in the micro and dipped the peeps in ~ let them dry and they are soooo yummy (I know because we made them for Anthony's religion class and the kids loved them!).

Eddie (the Ninja Turtle) helped to roll out the cookie dough for our Easter egg cookies!

We put a thin layer of icing on top (confectioners' sugar & milk) and then tried a "new" way to decorate the cookies....

I cut up sponges in small pieces (yes, they were new sponges:) and put a different color food coloring on each sponge. The boys dabbed the sponge on the cookies and they came out great!

I could eat them all ( boys included !!) O.k, back to the kitchen ~ I'm not done yet!!!

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Barbara said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun baking together :) I love the ninja turtle outfit are too cute!