Saturday, May 19, 2007


I was just thinking . . . this past week one or both of my boys have spotted ladybugs! I forgot to mention it on my Mother's Day post last week (silly thing to forget! But, that's me!) - while we were all out back playing and relaxing Eddie noticed a ladybug on one of the bushes! He called me over and Anthony came too and tried to get it on his finger. I ran for the camera and it flew away before I could take a photo!

Then, we were at a carnival (car-k-ival as Eddie would say) this week and the boys noticed a ladybug on the railing of the boardwalk. Again, I grabbed for my camera and before I could get it, the ladybug flew away!

My husband just rolls his eyes, but maybe, just maybe Miss Ladybug knows something I don't yet know??

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Daniella said...

I love seeing ladybugs! I now have my husband onto it - he one on his shirt a few weeks ago and I had too get a picture of it.