Monday, May 14, 2007


I just received a phone call from Meaghan Grace's mommy in China ~ they have Meggie!!!

They received her around 5pm China time and they walked her in to her mommy, daddy and big brother, Sean. She was wearing a Hello Kitty dress, sandals and had her hair in teeny, tiny pig-tails!!

She went right to her mommy and daddy without crying. Michelle said she is just adorable and sounds thrilled, but tired (it is 9pm in China-12 hours ahead of us).
Meaghan has a bad cold and was sleeping on the bed as we spoke!

She wanted to post the video to her blog, but was having some trouble and she was very tired, as can be expected. I begged her to at least post one photo to hold us over!! You can check out her blog (it's on my side bar under "Mia's China Sisters") for updates and hopefully a picture of their first moments together!!
CONGRATULATIONS~ we are so happy Meaghan is with her forever family :)


sandy said...

Thanks for the updates. I am a good friend of michelle's and have been dying for some news.
Glad to know all is well.
I am enjoying checking in on your blog and I wish you a speedy wait to get Mia.
Girls are wonderful.
Sandy in setauket

Michael and Michelle said...

Thanks for the good wishes, JO. It was wonderful to talk to you last night. You are a truly special friend. I hope Mia comes home soon. Love from China, Michelle