Sunday, May 27, 2007


Meaghan Grace is home! Welcome home honey (and also mom, dad and brother, Sean)!

We had the pleasure of decorating Michelle & Mike's house yesterday ~ they left for China on May 10th and landing in the U.S.A. yesterday afternoon ~ we were all eagerly awaiting their return! I'm so happy we got to meet Meaghan and personally welcome her. She is such an adorable, petite little girl. She was very interested in all the children - what they were doing and where they were going - she carefully checked everyone out and was probably wondering what all the fuss was about.

The banner on their porch came out beautifully (if you want one go to or email at ~ enjoy the slide show below!!


Princess Diaries said...

The banner is gorgeous! I still think about Miya's homecoming all the time and it's so fun to see other homecomings, thanks for sharing, what a great friend you are!

Daniella said...

What beautiful pictures - how wonderful for them. I love the banner!

Kimber said...

This is SO beautiful. Michelle and her family is so lucky to have such a great friend/neighbor like you! I want you in my neighborhood!


amy said...

Im so glad I stopped by..What a wonderful blog


Anonymous said...

How exciting that she's finally home, and to such a welcome! The decorations look great.
Before you know it, this will be you, too, Joanne! I can't help but imagine what Mia's little face will look like...
Love, Miriam