Monday, September 03, 2007


Life is not measured by
the number of breaths
you take ~
But by the number of moments
that leave you breathless ~

Dan Dan came right to mommy!

Her nanny says good-bye - she was very loved

She even went right to Daddy!

We walk around (she started recently!)

She already has Daddy wrapped!

Mommy feeds her cheerios!

Back at the room - having a little water

I got my first smile from Dan Dan (we were told to call her by this name for the first day or so and then start adding Mia) She is a great baby and has an easy far!

She did get upset when she heard the other baby of the babys had a real hard time and she was just looking at her and a small tear just rolled down her cheek. What a sensitive girl!

Dan Dan/Mia is a doll ~ everything I could have imagined but oh, so much more! She is real petite.

Oh, about a few hours before we went to the civil affairs office, our guide told us that she had a heat boyle on her head!!! I was so upset all afternoon wondering how she was, if it was infected, etc. Turns out, it doesn't look all that bad and they gave us some cream for it - better go - time to eat some congee (her not me!)



Anonymous said...

oh Princess Mia beautiful beautiful beatiful... CONGRATULATIONS..She is perfect..
love ya,

Michelle said...

PERFECT!!! I can't think of another word....your day....your daughter....PERFECT!! She is a true angel! We love you!!

trish said...

Joanne/Ed - How happy I am to check in this morning and see your wonderful news! Dan Dan/Mia may not be shedding tears, but I certainly am. Happy tears! I am so excited for you both. She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I can't wait to meet her in person. And how fortunate she is to be coming home into your beautiful family. She is just precious. Enjoy all of your special time in Chin and have a wonerful and safe trip back home. Love, Trish & family

(ps - I had a lot of trouble posting this comment, in case anyone else does too!)

Anonymous said...

Hi mom and dad. Thank you for my gel pens and sticky pads. I hope you are enjoying China. I am trying to get on the internet with my psp. Love Anthony

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mom & Dad! She is absolutely beautiful. Grandma & Poppy can not wait to meet her. Poppy also wants you to know that he got the free pizza from Gios! Love, Mom, Dad & John

Anonymous said...

Hi guys!!!

Congratulations!! Mia is soo beautiful! I am soo happy that you finally have her in your arms! I cannot wait to meet her!!!!!

The Blessing that is LIA said...'s MIA! Congratulations! She is really beautiful. It's your baby!!!! Congratulations to the big brothers too!


Anonymous said...

Hi guys, We just came back from your house. We were so thrilled to be able to see all of you on the skype. Mia seems like she knows she is right where she belongs. She is so adorable. We can not wait until all of you are home. Love you all & we will see ya's real soon, Mary XXX-OOO

Barbara said...

OMG I am so excited. I have been so confused with the time and did not realize this was the moment. I can not tell you how perfect it is to see you with Mia. She is beautiful and you look great. I am shaking over here and in tears! God bless you and happiness always. I can not wait to meet Mia! I am sending so much love to you all!!!

Debbie (Aunt again!) :) said...

(Needless to say- I did not get an ounce of sleep last night because of this moment and it's so worth it!!!) At LAST, you have your beautiful daughter Mia in your arms and we couldn't be happier for the both of you!! She is so precious and perfect- just like you dreamed she would always be!! (can't contain the tears, here!) Can't wait to see you all of you!!
Sending hugs and kisses :)


sea star said...

Congratulations on your new little girl! She is so beautiful! Glad things are going well.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Your (beautiful) daughter is with you, and all is as it should be. We are thrilled for you here, and there is no shortage of tears and emotion. I had trouble sleeping, woke up at 3am and realized, "OMG, they are with Mia now!" and once again couldn't sleep. I couldn't wait to race to the computer to see you all together this morning. This Aunt is very proud and excited! How wonderful to see her doing so well, feeling so happy and at home with her new family. The look on Ed's face is priceless! It will be hard for me to wait to meet her!
Lots of love from Memphis to China,
xoxox Miriam, Philip and the girls.
PS: Big Congratulations to the Big Brothers!

Anonymous said...

i love you mia and i am excited to see you. I saw you on the computer and you look so cute and pretty. i am happy for you aunt joanne and uncle ed and anthony and eddie too. i hope you are excited to meet me and kayla.
(with spelling help only from mommy)

Donna & Andrew said...

Congratulations on your big day. Mia is beautiful.

amy said...

Wonderful.>I love these beautiful photos

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful way for us all to wake up this morning! So many emotions for this most special day! So excited, so happy, so relieved, so crying all over the computer. It has been such a wonderful experience to watch by your side and I can only imagine how you must feel today. Enjoy and savor every moment!!! I can't wait to kiss up that little girlfriend. You are an inspiration in that dreams really can come true! With love, Kara

Daniella said...

I was so happy to log on and see you together at last. She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! So glad things are going well. After the 4 day referal batch today, seeing you together as a family gave me the hope I needed!.

Daniella said...

Hey again
Hope it's okay that I blog about you on my blog - I'm just so happy for you and to see that dreams do come true will help a lot of folks out today with the small batch - -

Melissa said...

Congratulations Joanne and Ed!!! I am so happy for you guys! She is beautiful!!! I look forward to more pictures tomorrow

Kimber said...


I hopped over here to see what was new and what GREAT timing! Mia is beautiful! What a wonderful day! Congratualtions! Big hugs to all of you.


cousin laura from nj! said...

On Sunday evening around 9 pm was when I realized that it was Monday morning in China, and that Joanne and Ed were receiving a precious gift from God (via China!) at that time: their daughter Mia! I imagined their love and joy and tears, as their many months of patience (worthy of sainthood!) finally came to peace with their
beautiful baby girl Mia in their arms! Anthony and Eddie:
Congratulations on the arrival of your sister, Mia! You are all so blessed to have one another.
Congratulations Joanne and Ed!Love, cousins Laura, John, Luke, Kali, and Jack

Dawn said...

Oh she is so darling!! Hope you are all doing well and getting to know each other!

Blessings to you all!


LaLa said...

She is so beautiful...huge congrats. We still call our daughter NaNa all the time : ) Now she will say "Annslee" and laugh...ha ha

Lori said...