Friday, October 26, 2007

~ Happy Days ~

Congratulations to my big boy: his arm is healed and he can actually have both arms thru his shirt sleeves ~ hooray!!!


~ Yes, they are holding hands (for now) ~


~ Sweetie ~

With Halloween less than a week away, little "E" has changed

his mind a few hundred times as to what he'll be! A few of


or (not pictured) a POLICEMAN! All very nobel, but he changes

his mind too much!

*Thank goodness we have most of these costumes from his big bro. The

only one we bought was the policeman...but still, I like to KNOW ~ I know,

I know, it's not about ME :)


Barbara said...

The picture of Mia and E holding hands is precious!!!! I am so happy for A...he looks thrilled and sounded even more thrilled lol!
E has a big decision ahead of him...can't wait to see what he decides to be in the end :) He is too funny! Mia looks just beautiful in her it!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Michie is so very happy for you A. YEAH! This is great news! Hugs and kisses go out to you! I'm so glad you are all healed! What a relief! E looks so cute in all the costumes, it's so hard to choose! It was so nice to see E and M holding hands!! Too precious.

All good things Jo!

Michelle :)

Aunt Debbie said...

Congratulations "A"!
I am so happy that your arm is all healed! That's GREAT news!
"E" is so funny with his costumes always changing... he is too cute!
No matter what costumes he decides on - he will be cute is all of them!
And of course, Miss Mia looks adorable in Pink! Can't wait to see her in her costume!!

Anonymous said...

Aunt Michie is so happy for you A! YEAH! I’m so glad you are healed. That is such a relief for both you and mommy! Hugs and kisses go out to you!

E looks so cute in all the costumes, how do you choose? The picture of him and M holding hands is precious! These are all good things Jo, so many reasons to celebrate!

Michelle :)

cousin laura from nj! said...

"A" is cast free just in time to hold that big bag of candy on Halloween! "E" is enthusiastic about his cool Halloween costumes! And Miss Mia...can't wait to see what YOU are going to be for your first Halloween! Great pics, Jo!

Daniella said...

Yeah for A. I'm so glad his cast is off! I swear we have all of those same costumes!! My son is the same way, constantly changing what he wants to be. As of today, he is going to be Jango Fett from Star Wars. I couldn't find an email for you - but just wanted to thank you for your very sincere comment on my blog today. It means a lot to me! Seeing your Mia, does give me the strength and faith to know that it will happen one day. Thanks again for your support.

Joanne said...

I wish I could do more Daniella ~ I can relate to all of those emotions you are feeling as if it were yesterday. The saddness, doubts and questions ~ will really ever happen... It WILL happen for you, as it did for me ~ miracles come in very different shapes and forms :)

Princess Diaries said...

Oh my gosh, Mia is an absolute Princess! Your kids are so cute.