Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Anthony: "you ready to meet some cousins ?"

"My cousins are coming!!"

Mia eats, you know what, with Max, Madison & Aunt Barb

Uncle Glen challanges Anthony

Anthony lures the kids in with his trumpet...

My boys waiting on the cakes...

"Happy Birthday Debbie!"

Brandon helps Aunt Debbie blow out the candles


amy said...

ALl of these are wonderful I have enjoyed reading about your family

Aunt Debbie said...

Thanks so much for the Birthday post! So much fun as always- when we are together- kids and oh yeah... the men too! Couldn't forget them, right! (lol)

Mia, precious love- you are in for some fun and wild times with our little family! :)

Can't wait to see everyone real soon!

Barbara said...

What a nice time we had as always. It is like Mia has always been with us :) can't wait for our next get together. Lots of Love...