Thursday, December 20, 2007

~ A Christmas Tea & Christmas Cookies ~

The girls and I had our annual (well, this is the second year) Christmas Tea at an adorable little tea house the other night. We drank A LOT of tea (mine was Almond Chocolate Coconut!) and ate very petite food ~ but boy were we full at the end!! True friendships are so rare these days, and I treasure the bond we all have to this day. Love you, girls :)

~ Christmas Cookies ~

You'd think I would have had enough of cookies from our cookie exchange party a few weeks ago; but, noooooooooooooo! It just wouldn't be Christmas without our cut-out cookies for Santa!

The boys and I started mixing and rolling out dough before Mia woke from her nap. I was giving myself a head start :)

Messy is fun!

Think we have enough flour?!

Mia's up and ready to dig in!

Before I could stop her - she ate the raw dough!!! "No!", I yelled...

Sorry honey, I really scared her...

I quickly gave her a cooked cookie and she was happy again!

Decorating up a storm!

Anthony was the only one with a long enough attention span to take this last photo! Great job guys!


Daniella said...

I love tea houses - when my mom comes to visit, it's our tradition to go to Naples to our favorite Tea House. Great cookies - tomorrow starts our cooking extravaganza here - schools out early - let the baking begin!!

Barbara said...

What nice it says on A's shirt, Awesome :) He is too, too cute, sticking it out until the end! What a nice family tradition with your 3 children.

Barbara said...

Me again lol. Mia has the cutest crying expression ever!!!

Had a great time at the Tea House and I am so thankful we started this tradition last year. Lots of Love to all 3 of you girls!!!

Debbie said...

All 3 kids making cookies together-couldn't get any cuter (even with the crying moment!)!
I am pretty positive that Santa will definitely appreciate those cookies when he comes for Xmas!
A, E and M - the cookies came out great! GREAT JOB!

I am so glad that we started the Tea House Tradition each Xmas... Best Friends, Good Food and the many yummy Teas(of course!)... couldn't be any sweeter than that!
Merry Christmas Girls!
Love you all!

Anonymous said...

The cookie pictures were just great! They came out really beautiful! Good decorating, I must say..:) It's so nice that M can join in on all the fun this year!

The Tea House was great, I'm so glad we started this lovely tradition (thanks D)! The teas and scones, sandwiches, etc. were delish! Much love to the crew-J, B and D!!

Mich :)