Sunday, December 02, 2007


We had our first snow of the season! It was so nice walking down the stairs and seeing the snow fall outside the windows ~ especially nice since this is Mia's first snow (I doubt she's seen any being from southern China!). She touched the window and stared outside ~ yet another new experience on her growing list since coming home!

When "E" woke up and saw the snow he said, "I didn't know it was Christmas!".

Of course, I couldn't control myself and took many pictures!

Think she'd like to go try out the snow?

The boys were thrilled (please don't laugh, I know there isn't
even an inch out there yet!!)!


Daddy and his little eskimo girl!

Mia was just about stunned at first ~ then came her famous smile!

A buddy and "A" rolling up snowballs

If you're able to ride a bike like "E", then it's classified as
a coating of snow (if that!)

"A" and his buddies made Mia her 1st snowman ~ aren't they sweet?!
And, yes we did have hot cocoa with marshmellows when we came inside :) Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


Daniella said...

I remember those days of the first snow :) Great pictures. Mia looks so mesmorized by the snow - too cute. It was mid 80's here today. I love the snowmen the boys made.

Anonymous said...

How fun! I love the pictures. Mia's face is so full of wonder. I can't help but miss those moments, as the one 'big' snow we manage to get each winter in Tennessee is classified as 'barely snow' up I'm not laughing! It would be a big deal for us here. That said after another 73 degree day. (It is supposed to drop to the 30's tonight, with highs in the 40's tomorrow, though :-)
Love, Miriam

amy said...

these pictures are awesome..

Anonymous said...

Love the eskimo kids.. you take great pictures..or is it that I take realllly bad ones. Mia is sooo darn cute. She looks like she has grown over the last few weeks.


Dawn said...

So cute!! Mia is the cutest little pink bundle ever!!!

Anonymous said...

I must say that I can't stand the cold and hate the winter, but your photos make it all look pretty good!!!! Mia looks precious in her pink snow suit. The boys look like they are having a ball! Thanks for making winter a lot more appealing :) Love, Barb

Beverly said...

Very cute. we haven't even seen that much snow in 2 years or so.


Anonymous said...

These were great shots! How nice the 1st snowfall is! Mia and the boys look precious! It's always exciting for them to see snow...