Sunday, December 16, 2007


New Tradition:

This is Mia and Meggie's first Christmas home with their families; and of course their mommies are thrilled and excited to celebrate all the wonders of the season with them! So, we decided to start a new traditions with the girls; we went out to breakfast Saturday, and the girls exchanged Christmas gifts.

They were a hit at the bagel cafe; and we had a lot of questions to answer: are they sisters? How old are they? They're from China, right? Of course, we tried for a decent picture (or Auntie Michelle did, I realized I forgot my camera card!!)

What a sweet, fun morning ~ thanks Meggie and mommy!


I'm sure you know about my 3 best girlfriends by now (Barbara, Debbie & Michelle) ~ we've been friends 26+ years now. We have our annual holiday party, rotating houses and this year I had the honor of hosting!

We always make too much food and always enjoy each others company ~ we look forward to this night and are never disappointed with its outcome!

The girls + Max!

Guys ...

Hanging out

Little ones eating...

More eating

"Can we open gifts NOW?"

Mia loves her princess sofa!

Penny gets a gift too!

My 3 kids stuffing their faces :)

Me and E!


Princess Diaries said...

I love traditions, sounds like you have some great ones. Your family pictures are wonderful!

Debbie said...

What another wonderful and magical year it has been! And now that Miss Mia is part of the wild bunch - it's even better!
We are so very blessed to have each other and I only look forward to making many more fun memories!
Happy Holidays my friend!
Love you!

Barbara said...

The best part of the holiday season is getting together with friends and family...thanks for the wonderful get together. We are finally complete with Mia home:)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe another year has passed Jo. This year was extra special since we have a new little addition to add to our tradition!

It was so nice, and a lot of fun as always. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ahead! I can't wait to enjoy more celebrations with such wonderful friends who are so close to my heart.

Love, Aunt M. :)