Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Sunday was our local FCC's CNY party! I've been looking forward to this mother-daughter day for a while now. We met Meaghan Grace and her mommy there for some yummy food, shopping and some adorable performances.

Mommy & Mia ready to head out the door

(picture taken by Eddie!)

Mia was so happy to see Meggie that she blew her kisses ~ too cute!

Here, the girls "pet" the dragon

My China Princess

Here, my China Princess decides she wants to go "bye-bye".

I know it's naptime, and I try to walk her around in hopes that she'll fall asleep.

I try to ward off the tantrum...

Obviously, it doesn't work

40 minutes later (yup, that's how long it went on!)

Meggie watches the Chinese dancers with Mommy
Mia with her red envelope (yes, her mouth is full!)
High five!

Still trying for a decent picture of the girls

Elevator trouble!

Mia and Meggie looked too cute running around in their matching outfits. This is just the beginning for them. I look forward to the coming years, as they bond more and more. They have so much to share. It is just so special; how close in age they are (3 weeks apart), how close they live (the same development); and how close their mommies have become. . .

Mia and I are so honored we could spend this special day with you guys!

Next year, we will celebrate with Wen, Paige and their families!

Below are the pictures we had taken of Mia and Meggie for their very first Chinese New Year:

It took quiet a few tries, but we were thrilled with the results!

In this last photo, Mia has had enough and goes for her thumb,

Meggie loves to imitate and goes for both thumbs!

~ Our Precious Girls ~


amy said...

Soooo beautifull. Glad you had a good time

Dawn said...

So Cute!! I had no idea they were so close in age...how wonderful to have each other as they grow up. My very good friend has 2 girls from China and they are 5 & 3...the 3 year old is a few months older than Lucy, so I look forward to all of them sharing a special bond as well.

Anonymous said...

You guys look like you had fun! Can't wait to join you next year!


Colleen said...

These are adorable!!! I'm glad you all had a good time. I love the picture of Mia in her stroller by the way!:)

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

They are sooooo cute!!!! Glad you guys had a great time. Hopefully we can be there next year.


April said...

Thank you for the book suggestion for China...Forever in our hearts. I am actually reading it right now and will add it to the bookshelf. Your daughters are beautiful. The pictures of when you where in China take my breath away. I can't wait for the journey to a place I love that I have yet to see in person. If you would like to share some pictures for a post we would LOVE it.

Also, what kind of camera do you have? I doing some asking around before I buy. Thanks

Jewels of My Heart said...

beautiful.... precious beyond words...

Jewels of My Heart said...

Also.... thank you for the book recommendation... we will add it to the "shelf". I actually have that one coming and am excited.
I am glad you found the blog. I haven't had a chance before now but was going to let you know it was up and running. whenever you get a chance to send us pics we would love to do a post with them.
Thank you again and God Bless

Mob said...

Mia is a beautiful girl. I love the pics of the girls together, so cute, what good friends they'll be!

Anonymous said...

The girls look too cute in these shots. It's so nice that they have each other. I just love the picture and you and M, great job Eddie..!! What a nice celebration. The outfits are beautiful!

Aunt Michie :)