Saturday, May 17, 2008

~ A DAY IN THE LIFE OF . . . ~

~ A Pocketbook ~
Kisses for my pocketbook!

"Yes Pocketbook & I are ready to go"

Eating lunch (and every other meal)
with her trusty pocketbook

~ playtime ~

See the pink strap?
Mia does everything with that bag over her arm!

~ naptime ~
(don't worry the handle isn't long enough to go over her head
~ safety first!)

We're up from Our nap!

~ Silly-girl and her pocketbook ~
Time for bed!
(if I do put Mia into her crib without her bag,
she will tap her arm over and over,
that's the sign for "I need my bag!")
I know this is a silly post, but we had fun documenting pocketbooks every move! I know this phase will not last forever, and I thought Mia would look back on this and laugh one day. She truly has a deep love for this soft, cute bag!
Where did she get it you ask? This bag was given to Mia by our sweet and thoughtful next door neighbor, Dee Dee for Easter! Thanks to Dee Dee we have a "backup" pocketbook: she had bought a few of these (thank goodness) for her granddaughters (who aren't as taken with it as Mia) and she smuggled me out another one for standby; when I have to wash it!!
So, I am happy to say because we have a backup bag, pocketbook has gotten a bath (I carefully placed it inside a pillowcase before throwing it in the wash) and it looked spanking new! When I hung the bag up in the livingroom to dry, out of Mia's sight; do you know Eddie grabbed it and said "look Mia your pocketbook is all clean"! Miss Mia was then walking around with both bags!!! I quickly grabbed one away and put it in the laundry room for safe keeping. . . until the next time it needs washing!
We love you pocketbook!


Kimber said...

This is an adorable post! I love how much she loves her pocketbook:)

Melissa said...

Soooooo funny!!!!

Colleen said...

What a sweetie! That is the cutest thing!

Ronda said...

So Cute! You had better start a "handbag" savings account for Mia-she looks like a girl hooked on things with handles =)

Anonymous said...

These pictures really say it all about the love for her pocketbook! I saw it for myself on our Disney trip. It's too cute, and I must admit that she is right, a girl can't go anywhere without her handbag!

Love, Aunt Michie :)

Barbara said...

She really cracks me up...I think I mentioned to you that I spotted the strap in the Mother's Day shots and I was cracking up! What a little lady she is :)

Michelle said...

I just want to second that Joanne is not exaggerating even for a moment! I have not seen Mia without her pocketbook in weeks!!! SO ADORABLE!