Friday, May 09, 2008


UNIVERSAL STUDIOS: We were all looking forward to this day since it would be our first time going to Universal. I was so excited because they had Barney (Mia's favorite, "Bar, Bar", as she affectionately calls him) and Spongebob (Eddie's favorite). Anthony tried to convince us that Islands of Adventure would be much better (more rollercoasters and big kid stuff), but we decided "Studios" would be best, this time around ~ we promised our big boy we'd go to his "spot" next trip. Barb, me & Mich
You've seen and heard about the "4 of us" on this blog,
we were only missing Debbie, who couldn't get away from work :(

I know many mom's don't prefer the big yellow guy,
but he makes my little "E" so happy.
I love the way Mia is leaning in for a hug :)

Mia & Barney!

This was adorable and highly recommended.

Barney had his own area in the park!

He had a show with BJ and Baby Bop;

and afterwards we were able to meet him, take pictures

and play in the play area. All 7 kids in one spot!

Aunt Michie was thrilled Mia went to her!

Our girl is making big strides :)

**The dress Mia is wearing above is one of the dresses I had taken to China with us. When I put it on her (in China) it was baggy and looked too big. When I was packing for Disney and came across this dress - I was thrilled to see it fit her perfectly (mind you, it's a size 12-18 mos.!). My petite little princess is growing!

As it turned out Anthony went on some fun rides: ET, Men in Black, Jaws, etc. While the big kids went with the dads, us moms let the little ones play in the Curious George and Woody Wood Pecker area. It worked out real well and we all enjoyed this day!

BACK TO MAGIC KINGDOM: On our last day we chose to return here for some "unfinished business" !

First stop, was our photo with Mickey (and Minnie). I had had a strange "dream" of sorts the night before: we went to have our picture taken with Mickey and when I got the photo back there were two older people in the background. In my dream, when I looked closely at these two people ~ they were my grandparents!! (who passed away a few years before, six months apart from each other. They were married almost 65 years and were the BEST grandparents you could ever wish for. They loved Florida - had a home there in the winter and came back to NY to be with us in the summer). I don't see them in this photo below, but I know they were with us :)

Mia making herself at home in the store!
So. . . I left daddy in one part of the store and
went to do some shopping-
when I come back to him, I ask "Where's Mia?".
He points in the corner and this is what I see!

"Can they all come home with us?"
I guess Mia's not ready to leave yet.
This was Friday and our flight was 8:00pm this night.
We had a wonderful last day in Magic Kingdom,
and then drove straight to the airport.

"No, really I think we can fit them all in the overhead!"



Aunt Debbie said...

I am so glad you all had such a wonderful (and wild) time in Disney..
I am so sorry I missed this trip!
I wish I could have been there.. but I was there in spirit!!!

You have such great pictures and beautiful memories.. the one with Mia is in the pile of stuffed animals is hilarious! :)

Michelle said...

I am so glad I caught up on the remainder of your Disney trip! Despite a two-year old, you will have memories and pictures that you and Mia will always be thankful for...LOVE the photos!

Barbara said...

You really summed up the trip so nicely with these posts!! I haven't even touched my pics yet! So glad to share these memories with you and your family...these and many more lol! One picture is sweeter then the special :)

Colleen said...

Thanks for sharing all of your special vacation memories.....I have really enjoyed them! We will have to try Universal next time, looks like lots of fun!

Anonymous said...

It was a most memorable trip to magical Disney, and I'm so glad I got to share it with such special family and friends. I was flattered to see me and M in one of the was a special momemt for me, that's for sure!

All of the photos were so great and brought back nice was trip that kept us all busy..hopefully next time aunt D can join us too...

Love, Aunt Michie :)