Sunday, June 01, 2008


Today, June 1st, is Children's Day in China! "It is the most memorable day of Chinese kids all over the country. Almost all entertainment places such as cinemas, parks and children museums and palaces are open for free to them. Elementary schools throw celebration parties while parents shower them with presents." "The whole country celebrates with cards, presents, special foods, parades and other activities. Although schools remain open, children do not attend class and are free of homework. Students particiapte in a wide variety of activities to strenghten allegiances to their country and just have fun".

Yesterday, Mia and I along with Meaghan Grace and her mommy, Michelle venured into the city (NYC) to the Chinese Consulate to celebrate International Children's Day! We were invited to represent our agency's (GWCA) New York division. We were honored and very excited to dress the girls in their silks once again.

Michelle, Meahgan, Mia and yours truly!

These blow up/robotic mascots of the Beijing Olympics
amazed Mia!
They actually walked around and I was surprised she
wasn't afraid.

There were also these plush mascots (this one is Bei Bei).
I did say "plush", therefore, Mia felt them and rubbed them
and just loved on them. . . is was real cute.

"You don't want me to put my finger where??!"
Oh, she loves to push my buttons!!!

When we entered the banquet hall we were
greeted by Ambassador Peng Keyu and Mrs. Peng.
Mia wanted no part of them...sorry!

The girls kept busy,

Mia shows Meg the contents of her pocketbook!

Our local FCC's Chinese School performance

Graceful performance,
maybe it will be
Mia and Meg one day?!

Big smile!

Hugs for my baby girl!
It was so nice to spend this special day with my daughter (my daughter :) and for us to share this celebration with Meggie and her mom ~ we enjoyed our time together, that's for sure!
I never knew about this celebration before and I'm so honored and glad to have been a part of it. I'm sure you can read more about this on Meaghan Grace's blog ~ I wasn't able to listen to the speeches; as I was busy chasing after a certain energetic 2 year old!
HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY, especially to all the little ones without a family or waiting to be united with their forever families!


Michelle said...

We had a great day! Thank you so much for joining us!!

Colleen said...

These are great! I had no idea about this Chinese celebration....and I thought I was pretty good about keeping up with all of the Chinese holidays and events:)What a wonderful day for all of you! Mia looks adorable!

Barbara said...

These pictures are adorable...the girls look like precious dolls :)

Kimber said...

Looks like a great time at the FCC event! Also, she looks so cute in the pool (the lounge chair).


Anonymous said...

What a nice day, the girls look precious!

Aunt Michie