Monday, August 25, 2008


Our wonderful friends let us borrow one of their boats for the day ~ what a day it was ~ one of the best family days we have ever had! We were all so excited (kind of like Christmas-excited) and we quickly gathered up all of our stuff and some food, including lunch and headed out to the marina to meet up with our friends, the "B family". We were all smiles as the 5 of us headed out on the boat. It was a gorgeous and sunny 80 degree day - perfect boating weather (listen to me, now I'm a boating pro!) and we were all changing seats and taking turns at the wheel :)

Cute even from behind!

Look out! A 10 year old's behind the wheel!!
This was our view during lunch!

Mia was not happy when we first plopped her on the boat, however after getting used it, she was all smiles and wanted to roam around! She was trying to hold onto the "bars" on the boat and lift herself up - our little gymnast! Daddy grabbed Mia's boots on the way out the door ~ isn't this common boating practice? Boots?!
We met up at a cove with the "B family" and played in the water, in the sand and on the sand dunes. The boys went out for some tubing and then we walked around the cove, climbed on rocks and found little crabs ~ what fun!

Taylor gives Mia a pretty shell.
(Notice the boots!)

The girls look for more. . .

"I think we found some"
(The boots came off!)

Back from tubing!

"I buried my feet!"

Kings of the hill (and Queen)

Little man tried his hardest to get to the top!
Before boarding the boat for our return trip to the marina, I changed the princess into some cleaner clothes and packed up our beach stuff. Mia saw some seaguls and wanted to "play" with them - off she ran!

"Birdies come back!"
The ride back on the boat was very refreshing ~ it was a hot day and the breeze and fresh, fresh, fresh air was welcomed. My little princess cuddled up on mommys lap and feel fast asleep.
Thank you "B family" for a memorable family day. The boys are still talking about the sand crabs and "driving" the boat and they want to save up some "change for our own boat so we can do this all the time" !
"The traveling circus" survived a day with a boat :)


Daniella said...

Coming from a "boater" that is the perfect day for boating. We love it here so much because we can boat 12 months a year. Glad your day was perfect and the pictures are great!

amy said...

Looks like everyone had a fabulous time. Your family is just so beautiful

Colleen said...

What an awesome day!!!! Looks like you may be shopping for boats in the near future!;)
Love the picture of Mia from behind! And the one of your little guy with his legs crossed...too cute!! School should be starting soon for you, right?!

Melissa said...

What fun!!! Glad to see Mia's toes in the sand!!

Anonymous said...

What a fun day that was had by all, wow! What a nice way to spend the day...a nice day for boating..:)

aunt Michie :)