Thursday, September 18, 2008


I am having so much fun dressing Mia for her dance class, watching her dance and making bows for her to wear! It is so much fun having a girl ~ I love girly stuff! Mia did amazing again in her dance class ~ this time she ran in as soon as the door opened and I just stood by the window watching, admiring and oogling over my girl! She was doing wonderfully and just seemed to have "had it" the last 15 minutes; which isn't bad considering it's a 45 minute class. She has come such a long way and I am so excited to watch her go the rest :)
How darling is this?
Taylor, Meaghan and Mia
watching the prior dance class,
and waiting for their turn . . .
Before leaving for dance class I had an idea for a new bow ~ a "Charm Bow" ~ I had bought a small package of charms and tiny rings which I attached onto the bow with thread. I chose a charm that said HOPE (Mia's middle name) ~ it looked so adorable; but trying to get a picture of it with my active girl was near impossible!! She was in such a dance-able mood I video taped her:


Shandra said...

What a cutie. I need for you to bring just 1 oz of that girlie stuff ot our house. I am nto girle in teh least and I really feel like the girls miss that in their life. Maybe some day. Keep up the cute bows! Ms. Mia is a great model.

Colleen said...

How adorable! Faith is taking dancing again this year and really loving it too!
Your doing a great job with those bows! Let me know if you find a "faith" charm! I'll buy a bow from you!!!:)That video is too cute!

Meredith Teagarden said...

I know what you mean! My Jane is always in motion!

Dawn said...

Mia is soo cute. I just love the handbag she ALWAYS has on her arm...the bow looks cute...what a great idea!!!