Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Princess Mia started her dance class today! However, before I get to that (it was w/out mommy too! sort of...) and pictures; I have a funny story:

We were at our local wholesale food "club" and while the husband checked out I brought the kids over to get a drink. While waiting on a line, a woman standing across from us (selling roofing) walked over while Mia was "dancing" and spinning and jumping around. She said she just had to come over and say how lovely Mia is and how she really seems to have talent. Awww, I was beaming and soooo proud. Then, she said she had been a dancer and a performer and traveled all over for shows ~ she knew talent when she saw it. I told her how Mia would be starting dance class in a few days and she was thrilled. She said so many parents didn't recognize talent in their children and it was wonderful that I did!

So, after getting drinks and meeting up with the husband and packing everything into the car, we drove off. As we were driving I told Ed about our encounter with this woman and all the encouraging comments she made ~ what does he say? "And this is what she's doing now?!!" Well, he did have a point, totally busted my bubble and brought me out of my "fantasyland". Thanks honey!

I do think she has talent though - like any good mommy would :)

On to our first dance class - not a mommy and me dance class - I was skeptical; however she did really well....

Baby ballerina!

This was her expression for

the entire class :)

Poor quality photo,

but perfect subject!

Bean bag dance


I did stay in the corner for most of the class,
slowly moving closer to the door...

I was watching from behind the window -
She participated and had fun!

Poor quality photo (again)
But, how could I not post this!!
What a wonderful first dance class! At first Mia seemed a little thrown off, but she quickly warmed up and had a ball! She gave it her all ~ as she often does and was beaming. I was so happy and proud of my girl. I spent a 1/2 hour huddled on the floor in the corner; and then for the last 15 minutes I watched from behind the glass. She did come over and try to get out the door, but the teachers quickly distracted her and brought her back to the "action". When the class was done and she received her lollipop and sticker - well, she ran over to me with a beautiful smile :)
Now on to my exciting venture... bow making! And is it fun! I love being creative and this has been giving me such a thrill lately (sad, I know). It was very frustrating at first, trying to follow directions (there are sooooooo many sites online) and figure out which way to loop the ribbon - after my buddy (Jenn) gave me a quick tutorial, I was on my way!

My very first bow
Isn't she beautiful :)

Mia's head is beautiful without the bow,
but now it's awesome (he, he)

Korker, tulle and ballet shoes
This is what Mia wore for her class today!
I just made a Halloween korker and a Fall korker ~ it's so funny, because you have to bake them in the oven (twirl the ribbon around a wood dowel first) and bake it for 25 minutes :) Who knew?
Anyhow, I'm having fun and satifying my creativity - and I have a gorgeous subject adorning my creations ~ ok, I' getting carried away now ~


Red Thread to my Daughter said...

Love the story about the lady.. don't let DH burst your bubble :)

Mia looks so beautiful in her darling dance clothes. I am so glad she had a ball.

The bows.... very pretty. They are great and you should sell them. I would never had thought that is how you get the corker bows to twist.


QuEEn oF tHe cAstLe said...

The bows are gorgeous! Do you have to use any special type of ribbon?

Michele said...

Yeah...sell them, please!! LOL. I am always looking for pretty bows! Mia is adorable and she IS talented. Glad she liked her dance class. My little one started this week too and had a blast.

Michele, mom to Emily (6) and Alyssa (3) FCC LI

Joanne said...

Oh, I'm blushing over here from all my bow-compliments :) Thanks!
"Queen": they say to use grosgrain ribbon - but I have been picking and choosing different colors and textures.
Some of the sites I can remember off hand are:
and ...

Ronda said...

I love the bows-I keep hearing from people they are easy to make, but they look hard to me. I hear a small business opportunity knocking. Love the story about DH...we moms always live in bubbles about our kids. Enjoy dance class-Mia is so cute in her little tutu.

Melissa said...

Way to go Mia!!!

Now about the do I place an order?????....seriously!

Anonymous said...

Your sweet little dancer could not possibly be any cuter! And i LOVE the bows! Your creative streak looks to be on a roll!

Colleen said...

Yes, Mia has talent! And Mommy does too!! Those bows are gorgeous!
Mia looks so incredibly happy!:)