Sunday, October 12, 2008


Mia really seems to enjoy her dance class and I love to watch her "practice" some of her moves when we are at home. I took a few photos from behind the "mommy glass", not the best quality; but oh so cute!

I just think it is precious!
Mia, Meggie, Taylor and "T"
We had our second Chinese culture and language class this past weekend. The time for this class is proving to be a challenge, it's in the middle of the afternoon; which is Mia's naptime. This and some other concerns have me re-thinking this class. . .
"Hello friend!"

The girls watch as the mats are layed out

strutting her stuff

While learning colors, the teacher has the kids repeat after her and then she will hand them a colored circle. Mia speech is still delayed and would not/could not repeat the word back to the teacher in Chinese. Well, this photo above is when she did say the word, everyone clapped and she was so proud !
*This is what I meant by another concern in taking this class at this point. I'm afraid I may be doing Mia a disservice and should just concentrate on her speaking English. . . I will have to see what happens in the next few weeks ~

The girls run around after class
sitting pretty
I shot a quick video of the Mia and Meg before class began:


sea star said...

I love the those little tiny tutu''s just scrumptious.

Barbara said...

I love the dance shots...too sweet. My favorite is the one where she is sitting on the bench with her ankles crossed... precious!