Sunday, November 30, 2008


The rest of our Thanksgiving Day(S) went really yummy! We celebrated two days in a row: after Mia "show" we had a relaxing day as a family of 5 and then started cooking! We had dinner together and then watched some movies. The next day, we had our family over (my mom had to work on the original turkey day, and what would Thanksgiving be without having the whole crazy crew together ~ so, we happily started cooking again :) It was such a nice night together, the boys and Mia got to play with their cousins; and we all enjoyed each others company.

Once we finished with our Thanksgiving celebrations, it was on to the Christmas season traditions! We got the kids ready to go out to dinner and to stop by and say "hi" to Santa Claus! The boys were excited, Eddie wanted to ask for a fire station; and Anthony was a bit nervous to ask for what he really wanted...he was afraid it would seem greedy and was trying to think of a backup, just in case he lost his nerve :) Too cute! When I asked Eddie what we should tell Santa that Mia would want...well, he was so adorable thinking and thinking. Finally, he said "a crib for her baby, with wheels ~ so WE can roll it around!"

I tried to prepare Mia for what would happen when we visited Santa... I tried to explain that she would sit on Santa's lap (whenever I say "Santa", she would reply: "ho, ho, ho") and tell him she has been a good girl, and he will bring her a present on Christmas morning. She seemed happy with that:

"Mia, we're going to see Santa!"
Big Smile!

"Santa, get ready, here I come!"

She was soooo excited!

Once we entered Santa's little "village" the line moved along. Mia would take peeks at Santa and I would try to build him up...I love the way she is peeking at him:

I tried to have Anthony walk her over, but she started screaming and yelling "mommieeeeee" and she clung to me... that is why there are too many "children" in this photo:

My poor girl looks so sad :(
But, look at the boys faces!

I love the way she's peeking over at him!

After our photo, the boys sat and talked with Santa for a bit. I am so glad we have these photos ~ they are magical to me ~

In the end, Anthony did ask for his beloved gift (X*box*360) and he said to me, "and Santa didn't seem to think it was too big of a gift! Maybe other kids are asking for it too!". He seemed so relieved.


Barbara said...

I was wondering how your day went and from these pictures it seems like it was a great day! Anthony is such a special boy...I can see him thinking about it all so sweetly! I love Eddie's idea for Mia's gift :) and the shots of Mia peeking over at Santa are priceless!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you all had a nice Thanksgiving!! I absolutely LOVE these pictures. The one of M smiling is so cute, it made me simle!

The ones of the boys with Santa are really priceless. It's a good thing you captured it on film. I'm sure it will be such a wonderful memory for you. Seasons Greetings to all!!

Love, Aunt Michie :)

~~~~ Winding Vines ~~~~ said...

Priceless!! What awesome photos for you and the kids. I'm sure they love them now too, but they have no idea how much these photos will mean to them years from now! You two are GREAT parents and your kids look so wonderfully HAPPY! Thanks for sharing the photos!

Kevin, Debbi & Sarah

amy said...

I love love love your posts and updates..Your family is precious

Dawn said...

Sounds like a wonderful Thanksgiving. I just love Santa boys still go every year, and they dont complain...they just know that is what we do :)

Melissa said...

The expressions on her face----PRICELESS!!!!!!

Colleen said...

Sounds like you all had a great Thanksgiving!! Your Santa photos are so sweet!! You are so lucky the boys still want to visit Santa!! My boys did not want to go this year:( I took Faith this morning and she LOVED Santa!!

Lori said...

Oh Santa is just the best! I especially like the photos with the boys. Although it's TERRIFIC to see Miss Mia with Santa this year!!
Glad your Thanksgiving was nice.