Sunday, December 21, 2008


My boys had gingerbread making "parties" in their classes on the same day - thankfully at different times!

First, my big boy, who is in 5th grade had his gingerbread making party. The kids brought in all different kinds of candies, pretzels, graham crackers & icings and got to work covering a mini milk carton. I brought along little brother (who has afternoon kindergarten) and the little princess. The little ones got such a kick out of being in Anthony's classroom - it was real cute. Eddie sat by Anthony's side the entire time
just watching his big brother ~
The kids had to promise not to eat any of the candy.
Anthonys hands were covered with icing and so sticky,
his first impulse was to lick his fingers
and then his eyes
grew wide with fear!
Uh oh ~ it was our secret :)

Ta da!
He even made a pretzel ladder for the
gummy bear to hang up the Christmas lights :)
I'm glad we were able to see Anthony's finished house - but then we had to rush out and drive Eddie to class! I kissed him good-bye and told him "I'll see you in a little while". Mia and I ran home and I gave her lunch - then, I quickly put her up for her nap. Poppy & Gma stayed at the house while I ran back up to Eddie's school for his gingerbread party.

The kindergarten classes where not allowed to use sweets or any type of food for their houses . The schools are really cracking down on sweets and unhealthy snacks in the classrooms. So, we made gingerbread bag houses instead. I was unsure of how these projects would turn out, but it was a very cute idea:
The kids colored in pictures to cut out and glue on the "house".
They cut out windows, doors and "candies".
They also glued on some cotton for snow:
Great job Eddie!

Mommy and her little guy.
*When I first walked into his class,
Eddie sweetly yelled out:"Moooomie!"
precious. . .
After we finished his gingerbread house,
he walked me all around his classroom,
he was so proud :)
I made it home before Mia woke, and she never knew I was gone :)
What a fun, fun day!


Sharon said...

Those are the very best memories!! Such a great day!! Merry Merry Christmas to your precious family!!

Barbara said...

Both boys made great GB houses! I love the picture of E proudly watching A make his sweet! Looks like a nice day was had by all :) Happy Holidays :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, it looks like so much fun making the gingerbread houses, I wish I did that as a child...I love the way the boys look so proud of their finished products! It's so cute! What nice memories for you and the boys..Go A and E!!

Aunt M..:)