Saturday, December 27, 2008


Christmas Eve:
I started out cooking and preparing everything I could in advance for our big meal this night. I tried a new recipe for a cake called Coconut Blizzard, it is a yellow cake, raspberry filling and coconut topping; and it was very tasty ~ you can get the recipe here.

My cake was as pretty as it was good!
While I was home chopping for my anitpasta, we had some visitors (or should I say Mia did!). First to stop by were Meaghan Grace and her mommy. The girls looked precious in their Santa-ish outfits and of course I grabbed my camera:

"I love seeing you Meg!"

Next, Auntie Lisa stopped by with some goodies. She received a special hug from Mia. There was a time Mia would shy away from hugs or closeness from others. Now, she will willingly give hugs and I know it meant so much to Auntie Lisa ( we look forward to visiting with her little Paige next year ~ what a wonderful Christmas it will be having her home!)

It was so nice having hubby home on Christmas Eve (he is always working on this day - except for this year!) and I didn't feel rushed or very stressed preparing our meal. We had my family over later in the day -about 12 in all - what a fun time we had!

Eddie & his cousin, Joey get along great!

Anthony and his cousin, Frankie also have a special relationship

Mia was thrilled with her new gift!

This was an awesome, heartfelt hug :)

~ JOY ~

Since staring kindergarten, Eddie loves to play school!
This was the perfect gift!

Eddie with his Aunt Mary & Uncle Frank

Poppy is silly!

My parents with Mia and I

Daddy's princess

Penny is such a good sport!

What a blessing!


Barbara said...

I love all the pictures...such special memories! Your cake looks delicious, the kids look georgous and your family shot is the best!

sea star said...

What a beautiful Christmas seeing your girl with such a big smile. Love the last photo!

amy said...

I always love seeing your family in pics..Glad you had a great holiday

Colleen said...

What a great Christmas!!! Mia just blossoms with happiness!!!! Love her little striped stockings!:)
That schools days board is great! Faith would love that! Do you know where it is from??
Happy 2009!!!!

Joanne said...

Colleen, the school set is from T@rget and is called, "Learning Resources Pretend & Play School". I liked it because it can all be folded up and closed and also has a handle to carry it. The board is eraseable - and as I mentioned it just reminded me of Eddie and his love for school :) I bet Faith would love it too!
Happy 2009 to you too!

Melissa said...

The first thoughts that come to mind--
1. I'll need to sample that cake!
2. Love the kids faces in all the Christmas pictures!
3. POOR PENNY!!!!!

Looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas :)


Barbara said...

Oh Jo, this is a great post...I love the kids expressions in these pictures! These are memories you will always cherish! Happy New Year :)