Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Last Saturday was a fun day and evening of holiday celebrating! Mia and mommy started out the day by joining our Chinese language and culture class for a little holiday get together. just looking pretty!

Mia enjoyed the food,

mommy enjoyed buying

some more silk outfits for her girl :)

Mia got such a kick out of these

'crayon fingers', just stacking them

and then knockin' em down!

(I have never seen or heard of these,

but they would make a great stocking stuffer!)

~ concentration ~

all fall down!!!

Later on, our family went around the block to our annual holiday party at our neighbors house (Jenn & Gene) ~ they are always fabulous hosts and the kids and adults all have a blast!

My 'fabric girl' found this blanket in the closet...

Mia was happy to have Meg join her!

Meg & Mia watch the magician with their brothers

That's my Eddie!

He just had to wear a dress shirt with a tie.

There were many tears and frustrations trying to

find the right shirt and tie combo ~ he just really

wanted to look good :)
and he does!!

The magician has Mia on the edge of her seat!

Daddy feeds his girl

The last few days, Mia has been

crazy for her daddy ~ so sweet!

Thank you for another fun evening J & G!!

The next morning everyone was tired from the night before. Anthony and Mia were up early and cuddled on the sofa watching cartooons :)


Barbara said...

OMG I don't know where to begin...the outfit from Chinese class was as cute as you said it was! Eddie looks very dapper in his shirt & tie...worth all his effort. I LOVE the picture of Anthony & Mia watching cartoons together. Looks like a fun day!

amy said...

oh you are sooo stinking cute!!!

amy said...

oh those look fun!!!! She is just too pretty

Anonymous said...

What a nice day...too cute, M looks precious as always...I just love the picture of A and M together..wow!! How handsome E looks in his shirt and tie..it looks like a lot of fun was had by all..

Aunt M.