Tuesday, January 13, 2009


It's already Wednesday and I really don't want to skip over this past weekend! Sometimes time flies by so quickly and before you realize it ~ it's gone! Anyhow, we started off our weekend with Anthony's chess "ceremony" - after 10 weeks of tornaments and classes, some of the kids were awarded with trophies (and medals). We were so very proud of our boy as he was granted his chess trophy!! Way to go Ant! We are so proud of you ~ you really seem to have a "head" for chess and the strategies involved! You are the best and we love you!
"Hooray for our brother!"
Saturday was a chilly, snowy day and our Chinese class was canceled. We picked up some pizza dough and made our own pizza's! It was fun and the kids loved being involved - we made plain (of course, for our Eddie), peppers and cheese, broccoli and cheese and pepperoni. Afterwards, we took out the popcorn maker (it's getting easier to use each time :) and watched "Journey to the Center of the Earth" - the boys really enjoyed all the action and we thought it was a good family movie (Mia didn't nap this day, so she was fast asleep!).

On Sunday, we had Meaghan's 3rd birthday party at her gymnastics center. Oh what a fun party this was! Mia really enjoyed jumping, climbing, running, bouncing all over. What fun! This "foam block pit" was a hit - the kids jumped in one end and crawled to the other end - all smiles :)

The trampoline was awesome, it was in the floor! When it was Meaghan's turn, she just lit up and boogied and danced all around - she was loving the attention! It was such an adorable moment :)

~ love how Mia is leaning into Meg ~

Mia would not go near the trampoline at first,
she loved watching everyone (I think she was mulling
it over) - then she stepped on and had a ball!
~Of course, that's when my camera battery died!!!! ~
I borrowed a battery from a friend (thanks Trish!)
and snapped this photo!

I love you my China sister!


Red Thread to my Daughter said...

Congrats Ant... Way to go on the Chess trophy.

Mia looked like she had a blast at miss Meaghan's birthday party.


Shawnstribe said...

Awww so precious

Sharon said...

Love those piggys!! SOOOO cute! Congrats on trophy and what is the name of that gym with the stuffed hole?!!?!?

Barbara said...

Congratulations to Anthony...I had a feeling you would win another trophy and I am so happy for you!

Mia seemed to have a ball at the party...I can see Miss Mia loving gymnastics and being great at it! Miss cuteness :)

3 Peanuts said...

Congratulations to your son in his chess trophy. it sounds as though he was very committed. Love the photos of Meggies party. I need to go visit her blog:)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, go A! This is so exciting...he is smart and handsome of course! Chess isn't easy..:)

M looks too cute in the last photo on this post, wow! I just think it's great!

Its sounds like such a fun day, snowy day indoors...

Aunt Michie :)