Friday, April 17, 2009


My little lady has really been enjoying the outside after a chilly, windy, cold & snowy winter. It is really beginning to feel like Spring :) Mia loves to take her baby for walks in the stroller, she loves to go down the slide; and she loves to run, jump and twirl around ~ outside!

Mia is doing great with her speech and now uses two words without prompting. She can communicate much more easily; which makes our days... a lot easier :) Her week off from therapy (while we were in NC) didn't cause any regression and it looks like we can take the summer off and start up again in the fall ~ I'm ok with that and I know I will be given some tools to work with and our girl's speech will only grow.

Last night was the 4th time (not that I'm counting) I left Mia with daddy & the boys with out crying!!! The first 1 0r 2 times I ran up to the grocery store, and told her what I was doing and what I was getting. When I'd walk in the door, she would do her "happy dance" that I was home and then question where the item was that I had mentioned :) This morning she woke up and asked me "book?", because I explained to her that I was going to book club!

Here is my girl with her beloved "Opoo":


PletcherFamily said...

Great video! I am glad to hear her speech is coming along! She will be talking like a mad woman in no time!

Colleen said...

I'm so happy her speech is going so well!!! And also happy for you that she is adjusting to you having a little "me" time!:)
She is growing so much. Look how long those little pig tails are! So sweet!!
I will have to come back to watch the video sound is not working.

Anonymous said...

She truly is one adorable little lady. She always looks so happy. I also wanted to thank you for your sweet card.

Laura Walsh

Barbara said...

Oh so cute...she is simply adorable!!!

Dawn said...

She is soooo darn CUTE!!! I just LOVE her pigtails...and am thrilled to know her speech is coming along,,,I could totally understand her in the video!!!!

Anonymous said...

Loving that precious girl and her "Opoo"!!!
Too funny!