Friday, May 22, 2009


since I received THE phone call from our adoption agency; which would change all of our lives forever. Most importantly, it gave a baby girl a family; and completed a family ~ all in one phone call.

The first words I heard where, "we think your family would be the perfect fit for 'DanDan' "; and boy were they right :) Or, should I say I was right - because I just knew, deep in my heart, when I read about "DanDan", that she was our daughter and we were her family. My agency only agreed with ME :)

You can read more about that wonderous day here : , just scroll down to May 22nd!

The first picture we ever saw of our daughter:

And, there were many firsts to as the months & years go by, we are celebrating seconds! These anniversaries/days will always be celebrated by this proud & blessed mommy.

I love you my darling Mia Hope "DanDan" !


Aunt Debbie said...

You are a Beautiful Princess with a Perfect Happy Fairy Tale Ending!!
May your life be filled with continued fun, laughter, love and all the wishes and once upon all of the stars you can grab!
I love you, my precious Goddaughter! :)


Barbara said...

Oh Jo, What a beautiful post! I know I am thankful for that call...I love that little girl to pieces! Love, Barb

PletcherFamily said...

Happy 2 year anniversary! It is hard to believe that much time has passed.

Colleen said...

What a beautiful blessing Mia is!!! Look how tiny she was! Amazing how quickly the time goes! Just look at her now.....she has a smile that is so contagious and can light up any room!!!

Dawn said...

Hi, just a stranger passing through, thanks for sharing your story, she is a lovely girl!